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Bitrise - debugging

important; }. debugging. Releases. -. min read. Remote Access now available on Bitrise. Did your build fail? Would you need more info than what you find in the log? No problem, use Rebuild with Remote Access and check the build on the VM itself.

Remote Access now available on Bitrise | Bitrise

Good news for anyone on a quest of. debugging. ⚔ If you go to your app on Bitrise, and then to the failed build's page, you'll find a new button there: Rebuild with Remote Access. This will trigger a new build with the remote access enabled.

Solving flaky tests by making use of Xcode on virtual machines | Bitrise

Note that this could be quite annoying as you could be in the middle of a debugging session while your connection gets lost. However, it's better than having to figure out the issue from your local configuration without being able to reproduce it!

Key takeaways from Flutter Global Summit '21 | Bitrise

Debugging. Efficient debugging with Dart DevTools — Majid Hajian.

Pretty and smart Xcode archive step logs | Bitrise

The last 10 lines of prettified Xcode logs are included in the standard logs to make debugging smoother. In our Xcode build steps we use. xcpretty. to prettify the output of the raw Xcode build log.

Guarding your mobile apps: Introducing the DexProtector Step | Bitrise

A smart virtual machine that prevents hooking and debugging. Unique native engine ensures your app maintains its performance level. How it works.

Droids On Roids - How to Connect Physical Devices to | Bitrise

However, it also has a REST API and supports remote debugging. Putting all that stuff together. Several things will be needed to connect physical devices to The first and most obvious part is a device.

Making the switch from web to mobile development | Bitrise

Debugging. For debubbing, you can use Chrome Developer Tools, but there is one more great tool I want to recommend and that is. Flipper. — an extensible mobile app debugger. Flipper is a platform for debugging iOS, Android, and React Native apps.

The top four mobile app testing mistakes (and how to avoid them) | Bitrise

Each test should have a unique descriptive name: Giving your tests descriptive names helps in debugging. Whenever a particular test fails, you'll know just from the name of the test what rule that test was checking.

Bitrise - log

The last 10 lines of prettified Xcode logs are included in the standard logs to make debugging smoother. Anna Bátki. Product Marketer. The Mobile DevOps Newsletter. Join 1000s of your peers.

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