Xcode 13 test repetition options to land on Bitrise

WWDC rolled up a few weeks ago and we’ve been hard at work ever since. Here’s what we’ve done so far — enjoy!

Xcode 13 is just around the corner! 🎉  The beta version is already out on Bitrise and we are working on supporting the new features and functionality. The first change we bring to you is a little face-lift to the Xcode Test for iOS Step.

We are expanding the test repetition configuration with three new options in an upcoming 3.0.0 update to the Xcode Test for iOS Step. Prior to Xcode 13, you had an option to automatically retry tests on failure, but this option reran all tests. The new test repetition options offer more customization and flexibility, allowing you to find issues faster.

New test repetition options in Xcode 13

With these new inputs, you will be able to run your tests repeatedly and set up additional options such as retry on failure and run until max repetitions.

Available options in Test Repetitions Mode (Available in Xcode 13+):

  • none: The tests won’t repeat.
  • until_failure: Repeats a test until the test fails or until the maximum repetition. The default number of test runs is 3.
  • retry_on_failure: Failed tests run until they succeed or until the repetition number you specify. The default number of test repetitions is 3.
  • up_until_maximum_repetitions: Reruns all tests until maximum test repetition is reached regardless of the test outcomes.

There are two other step inputs for you to try:

  • Maximum Test Repetitions: Use this to set the maximum number of times a test will repeat based on Test Repetition Mode.
  • Relaunch Tests for Each Repetition: If enabled, tests will launch in a new process for each repetition.

We’re deprecating the old retry option

Since we are expanding the functionality to offer more options, from Xcode 13 and above, the Should retry tests on failure? feature is not available anymore. Therefore, we recommend you use test repetitions instead.

The new version of the Xcode Test for iOS Step is already available for Xcode 13 beta in Bitrise — give it a spin!

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