We're going to AltConf!

Meet us in the Bay Area between 30 May and 8 June: at AltConf, meetups or even in your office.

Meet us in the Bay Area between 30 May and 8 June: at AltConf, meetups or even in your office.

Members of Bitrise's tooling, support, and product teams are going to visit the Bay Area and you can meet them there.

We'll be attending AltConf from June 3-6, where we'll be able to answer your questions, gather your feedback and give you cool Bitrise swag, including a limited edition poster made specifically for AltConf. Just as cool as the one we had for the Try! Swift Conference, Tokyo early this year:

Bitrise poster for Try! Swift Conference, Tokyo
Bitrise poster for Try! Swift Conference, Tokyo

AltConf is a free, community-driven and supported event, held in downtown San Jose alongside Apple's WWDC. Bitrise is one of this year’s silver sponsors and we’re looking forward to meeting you there. Our mission is talking to as many iOS developers as possible and learn more about your app development process, your CI/CD setup or how you use Bitrise.

In addition, before and after AltConf, Bitrise team members will be available for talking to you, our customers. If you or your company are located in the Bay area or you are there for Apple's WWDC, AltConf or any other meetup, reach out to us and meet us to discuss your workflows and to learn about some of the items on our roadmap. ✨

Book a meeting with us on Calendly. 📅

We're also looking for meetups to attend, so if you have one in mind where we'd be welcome, contact us.

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