Waste no time on manual testing with Autify's AI-powered test automation Step on Bitrise

See how you can use the new integration of Autify and Bitrise to create and run tests by simply interacting with your iOS app on Autify.

Mobile engineering teams who wish to deliver a pleasant user experience should implement test automation into their processes as a must-have practice. Just like in other fields of mobile development, AI plays a much bigger role in testing as well: this enables great tools like our new Verified Step Partner, Autify to emerge. See how you can use the new integration of Autify and Bitrise to create and run tests by simply interacting with your iOS app on Autify.

About the Step

Autify is an AI-powered test automation tool that takes the burden off your shoulders with effortless, no-code testing. Waste no time on manual testing and create automated tests instead with Autify that works for web and mobile applications as well (on Bitrise, it’s currently available for iOS apps  — stay tuned for more updates). With its intuitive UI, you can create different test scenarios by interacting with the app UI in your browser — just like a user would do on their phone. This way you create a test, and each time you deploy a new version of the app, the same test will run automatically. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Source: Autify

Let’s see some of Autify’s mobile specific features:

  • It integrates with all the most important CI/CD services seamlessly (now with Bitrise, too 🎉)
  • It eliminates the need to maintain an actual device farm for yourself
  • Autify’s visual regression testing feature spots the differences in UIs across app versions and runs tests with no maintenance needed
  • You can run multiple tests parallelly to save time
  • You can specify a location in your test scenario for apps that are relying on maps 🌎

How it works

The Autify Upload Step uploads your build .app to Autify using Autify's API. You can upload the iOS build with the Step. Please keep in mind that this Step does not generate your build: to create a .app file, you need the right Step (for example, the Xcode Build for Simulator Step or any other Step that can generate a build.)

Happy building! 🚀

Bitrise Verified Steps are official integrations developed and maintained by the service owner. If you'd like to know more about our Verified Step Program and create your Verified Step, read more about it here.

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