Test Push Notifications and Universal Links with the open-source Mussel Step

We’re always delighted to announce a new Verified Step: this time, we’re checking in with the Mussel Verified Step. Find out how can it help you with testing Push Notifications and Universal Links.

About the Step

As every team wants to speed up their app regression processes, it’s important to find a quick and easy, maintainable solution to test Push Notifications and Universal Links. Testing these is a real challenge and conventional methods will probably slow you down, accumulating the time you would normally like to spend with UI tests.

Mussel will help you ease these responsibilities: it’s an open-source framework built by the amazing mobile team at Compass (we wrote about their journey with Bitrise here), testing Push Notifications, Universal Links, and Routing in XCUITests.

How it works

Let’s see an overview of how Mussel works:

  1. You trigger XCUITests through your Continuous Integration platform, in this case, on Bitrise
  2. The Mussel Server boots up along with the iOS Simulator
  3. A Test Case triggers a Push Notification or Universal Link Test Case
  4. The Test Case sends a payload containing Push Notification or Universal Link data via POST Request
  5. The Server runs the respective xcrun simctl command for Push Notifications or Universal Links
  6. The command presents a Push Notification or launches a Universal Link within the iOS Simulator

It sounds pretty easy, right? Why not give it a try?

Go to the Mussel Step

You can always dig deeper for more information on Github here.


Bitrise Verified Steps are official integrations developed and maintained by the service owner. If you'd like to know more about our Verified Step Program and create your Verified Step, read more about it here.

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