Take your mobile monitoring to the next level

While there’s room for debate in what constitutes sufficient monitoring for a mobile app, it’s no question that if you wait long enough for users to report issues, then soon you will have no users.

For most teams, performance monitoring stops at crash reporting. But a great app monitoring practice is so much more than that — focusing on crashes leaves out a plethora of other issues that might leave a user so frustrated they never return.

Issues like slow startup time or high energy/data consumption won't result in a crash but will still contribute towards a poor user experience. With the right App Performance Monitoring practices in place, you can identify and fix a wide range of issues early on.

For most mobile development teams, you are not measured against how many features you deliver or bugs you fix, but by how successful your app is and how much value it delivers to users. As a result, you need to know where the app is providing a subpar experience and why.

While there are several monitoring tools on the market, it’s pretty hard to find one that fits the needs of mobile development teams. The few tools that do only focus on one or two specific areas of performance monitoring.

This means mobile teams are forced to maintain several tools to monitor and diagnose problems that occur within their app.

Your app from the user’s perspective

With Trace, we set out to help teams build better apps by providing an overview of how the app is performing for the end-user. Crash reporting is of course a vital part of monitoring, but Trace also provides performance metrics, tracing, and root cause analysis — because once you have found an issue you need to be able to fix it as soon as possible.

We set out to bring all those services into one tool, a single source of truth. By combining the most important areas of monitoring, Trace gives a a detailed overview of what is happening in your app and when.

Bitrise Trace is still in beta, but we plan to introduce new functionality in the upcoming months to expand on the monitoring areas we currently cover.

Webinar: Take monitoring of your mobile apps to the next level

Do you want to see how your app performs in your users’ hands? Join us in this webinar, where we'll discuss different approaches, best practices, and the ever-changing world of mobile observability and data privacy.

What’s cooking: our roadmap for Trace

Our vision is to be more efficient with the data we collect — monitoring data has an impact on app performance, data transfer cost, and data privacy. That’s why we want to focus on collecting information that is necessary to help, detect, prioritize and fix issues in your app, and nothing else.

Email digest

Get reports on your app performance directly delivered to your inbox — with the Trace email digest, you will be able to see your app performance and critical issues or discrepancies in one place. Choose between daily, weekly, and monthly updates and stay up-to-date without opening your dashboard.

Custom tracing

With custom tracing, you can annotate the journeys and interactions and get a detailed view of those areas in your app that matter the most to you. Oversee detailed metrics on latency, consumption, and stability of the different operations within your code and get to the root cause of critical performance bottlenecks, faster.

Alerting and central configuration

There are important metrics (KPIs) that indicate the performance of your application, and when those metrics deviate you need to know why. We will be adding alerting and central configuration to capture detailed performance reports for your application, but only when we have detected a problem.

You can update these alerts at any time — have a new release coming out? You will be able to increase your monitoring for the first few days, then turn it down when you are happy with the results.

Network monitoring

Currently, we provide monitoring of high-level network performance metrics, but to debug the cause of a network problem, you need to know details about the particular requests. We will be extending Trace to provide a network-specific dashboard with all the different network calls and the details of those requests.

We think everyone needs mobile monitoring in their life, so Trace is available for all Bitrise users. Add Trace to your Workflow now to monitor your app’s performance across the entire install base and get detailed crash reports.

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