Step source env var and update command in CLI

If you use our CLI, you need to know about these two new features rolled out in this month's update.

If you use our CLI, you need to know about these two cool new features rolled out in this month's update. (Check out all the details here.)

New Bitrise CLI command: update

Whether you’ve installed it from brew or from the GitHub release, you’ll be able to call “bitrise update” now, and it will update the CLI to the latest version. If you have installed the CLI from the GitHub release, then you can select the version you want to update/or downgrade to. The CLI will check once every day and notify you as soon as there is a new version out there!

New environment variable exported by the CLI automatically: BITRISE_STEP_SOURCE_DIR

If you need to keep a binary, assets or anything else required for your step that need(s) to be bundled in the step repo, then you can include it beside your step.yml and step code, as now you will be able to access those files using BITRISE_STEP_SOURCE_DIR.

For example: $BITRISE_STEP_SOURCE_DIR/mytool.jar

Happy building!

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