See all the file infos on the code signing tab 🐱

Have you seen our automatic "iOS Auto Provision" step? We're sure you have. But if you don't want to use it you'll love our updates on the code signing tab.

Have you seen our automatic "iOS Auto Provision" step? We're sure you have. But if you don't want to use it, you'll love our updates on the code signing tab. More info on provisioning profiles and code signing identities means easier debugging and simpler setup: you'll see what files you'll need to upload, expiry dates and wrong passwords too.

Open your app's workflow editor and click the Code Signing tab. Previously only the provisioning profiles' and code signing identities' file names were visible there and it wasn't indicated which profile matches which identity. But times change.

Provisioning profiles

On the updated tab, you'll see each provisioning profile's ID, export type, team name, and bundle ID. The date of expiry will also be listed so it'll be clear if you need to update your provisioning profile.

After clicking on a profile you'll see even more information (extracted from the file's metadata) on a popup. It will include a list of:

  • all matching certificates (not only the uploaded ones)
  • the UDIDs of the devices
  • capabilities

Code signing identities

Under code signing identities you can upload new or find a list of previously uploaded identities. When uploading an identity, we'll automatically check whether your password is correct so you can rule this possible error out straight away. (If you don't use a password, that's fine with us too.)

You can either have a .p12 file holding multiple identities and upload it as such or upload them one by one. Either way, you'll be able to see the team and the expiry date right under the name of the identity, or as for the bundled ids, you'll find this info on a popup. This will help you regenerate them in time on the Apple Developer Portal.

And this is just the beginning, we're working on some other cool features too:

  • After clicking on a provisioning profile, you will not only see the list of all the matching profiles but also whether they have already been uploaded and if they are expired.
  • On the same popup, under Devices, in addition to the UDIDs, you'll be able to find out if the device has already been added to Bitrise and by which user.  

Happy code signing! ✍

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