What does mobile development look like in a leading UK bank? — with NatWest's Adam Law

In this episode of our podcast, Mobile DevOps is a thing! we’re focusing on the challenges of building mobile apps in the strictly regulated banking industry, featuring Adam Law, Principal Engineer at NatWest. 

You can listen to the episode here:

In this episode 

Adam is the Principal Engineer for the Bankline Mobile Team, within Commercial Banking at NatWest Group, one of the UK’s (and the world’s) largest banking groups. With his team, he’s working on building Bankline Mobile, a secure, customer-facing mobile app that complements their Bankline service. 

With Russell Stephens, Engineering Manager at Bitrise, we talked to Adam about the behind-the-scenes aspects of creating a top-rated banking app — from optimizing release strategies to how they keep compliant with constantly changing security requirements. We also chatted about the emergence of fintech apps and discussed what traditional banks can learn from them when it comes to mobile development and vice versa.

Key talking points:

  • Security: what technologies need to be implemented to make sure a finance or banking app is always secure? 
  • Do these strict regulations affect the time of planning and getting approval for new features and releasing them?
  • Release strategy: is there such a thing as the optimal frequency of releases?
  • ​​Innovation and upcoming technologies: what do you think will add the most value to mobile finance and banking and why?

About this podcast

In Mobile DevOps is a thing! we showcase developers and their processes and learn about the ways in which mobile development processes differ and overlap, through the lens of Mobile DevOps. The aim? Learning how to be more productive and build better apps, whatever technology you might be using. For this, however, we need your help as well — if you have any questions or topics in mind that you would love to hear about in our upcoming podcasts, let us know on Twitter, or through email.

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