Meet Bitrise at the Web Summit (Lisbon) 2018

Meet Viktor Hatfaludi, Bitrise Enterprise Consultant and Tamas Abraham, growth marketer at Web Summit.

Meet Viktor Hatfaludi, our Enterprise Consultant and Tamas Abraham, Growth Marketer at Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon.

Early November, Web Summit - one of the world's largest technology conferences - will touch down in Lisbon Portugal. Speakers like Cisco Systems CTO Susie Wee, Minecraft Studio Head Helen Chiang and Tim Berners-Lee will discuss topics ranging from DevOps Security and Open Source Software to quantum computing or the role of AR in the future of mobility. This year, we'll make our way to Portugal as well.

Bitrise enterprise consultant Viktor Hatfaludi and growth marketer Tamas Abraham will spend the week in Lisbon to attend talks, gather insights and meet both existing and prospective Bitrise developers. Schedule a meeting through the official Web Summit app or look out for the purple Bitrise t-shirts to talk about CI/CD, mobile app development or to score some Bitrise swag including a limited edition pin made specifically for the conference, plus the (already legendary) 'green build' magnet:

the Bitrise 'green build' fridge magnet
this fridge is ready to ship!

We'll also be able to show you some top secret upcoming roadmap features before anyone else 🤐 If you can't find either Tamas or Viktor in the Web Summit app, simply click here to schedule something directly in their calendar.

In addition to app developers, we're eager to meet with mobile app development tooling startups in the testing, deployment and other verticals. Our open source step library provides ample opportunity to get your tool integrate into the workflows of some of the world's most exciting app developers. We'd love to discuss how you can build and contribute your integration with minimal effort required.

Whatever your reason for visiting Web Summit, reach out and meet the team. We're eager to see you!

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