Meet us at .droidcon Berlin

We'll sponsor and speak at .droidcon in Berlin, come see us there or meet us in the city after the conference. 🤝

We'll sponsor and speak at .droidcon in Berlin, come see us there or meet us in the city after the conference. 🤝

.droidcon is a global series of events where leading Android experts gather to support the platform and provide a forum for developers and companies. From the 1st to the 3rd of July in Berlin, the conference will feature more than 1200+ developers and 100+ talks in the field of Android development. The opening keynote — Designing for Sustainable Engagement/Digital Well Being — will be held by Purnima Kochikar, the Global Director of Apps and Games Business Development @ Google Play.

Bitrise's Krisztián Gödrei (lead app automation engineer) and Tamás Papik (app automation engineer) will speak at the conference too:

Krisztián Gödrei & Tamás Papik

Building Android apps from your local terminal with the CLI

You choose cloud CI because it’s easier, but sometimes the GUI doesn’t quite cut it. During this talk, we’ll show how using the CLI allows you to supercharge the build process through some neat tips and tricks, that’ll be directly usable for most developers.

In addition, sponsor exhibitions from the top companies will make sure you have something to do in between the talks. And for those who love to put their skills to the test: there will be interactive workshops and codelabs organized in the same venue, CityCube Berlin. If you don’t want to miss the news and the latest updates about the conference, you can follow their accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

We want to meet you there

Meet us at the conference: drop by our booth and get one of the custom made posters designed by a local artist.

This was our super cool poster for AltConf:

After the conference, Bitrise team members will be available for talking to you, our — current or future — customers. Even though we’ve got quite a busy lineup, we’re also looking for meetups to attend, so if you have one in mind where we'd be welcome, contact us.

If you or your company are located in Berlin or you are there for the .droidcon and would like to discuss how Bitrise can fit into your workflows, feel free to reach out to us at or book a meeting with us on Calendly.

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