Android builds are now faster than ever

We’ve recently updated our Linux environments from vCPU 2-4-8 machines to vCPU 4-8-16 respectively, but the credit multipliers remained the same. Now we’re adding some more optimization to our Linux machines: to make your builds even faster.

In the last few months, we rolled out two major Linux updates. These price/performance boosts mean accelerated build times and shorter release cycles so Android teams can ship quality apps, faster.

Bitrise is a Mobile DevOps platform built around industry-leading mobile CI/CD and DevOps tooling, with an enterprise-ready feature set, including SSO, and even a virtual private cloud. So, Bitrise is the go-to platform for your Android apps too: build, test, and deploy with ease with the new Linux machines featuring 4, 8, and 16 vCPUs and now faster CPUs (from 2.8 GHz to 3.1 GHz).

We ran some benchmarks on 2 open source apps (a well-known web browser application and an instant messaging app, both focused on security) and also did some emulator testing to give you real-life results – before the updates and after them – on Standard, Elite and Elite XL machines. Based on our tests, your build speed performance can increase by up to 30-60% on Standard and Elite:

On Standard:

Web browser app
Instant messaging app
Emulator tests
old standard 25.7 min 28.2 min 90.3 min
newest standard 10.8 min 15.6 min 54.8 min
performance increase 57.9% 44.7% 39.2%

Build times in minutes

On Elite:

Web browser app
Instant messaging app
Emulator tests
old Elite 12.4 min 17.4 min 59.9 min
newest Elite 6.6 min 10.2 min 41 min
performance increase 46.9% 44.5 % 31.5 %

Build times in minutes

As for Elite XL machines, the performance increase is less for these apps: 7-8%. The reason for this is that Elite XL machines are beasts with 16 vCPUs and the difference would be more significant for highly modularized apps because Android compilation gain can be leveraged in these cases.

Web browser app
Instant messaging app
Emulator tests
old Elite XL 5.3 min 10.8 min 36.9 min
newest Elite XL 4.9 min 9.9 min 33.9 min
performance increase 7.3% 8.5% 8.1 %

Build times in minutes

Why is this good?

  • Improved speed, quality, and stability on Bitrise’s cost-effective Linux machines for Android projects
  • Speed up your build, test, and debug feedback loops
  • Faster, more reliable QA checks and testing process
  • Build both your iOS and Android projects on Bitrise and have better cross-platform understanding of what’s happening inside your mobile engineering process
  • Spend less time switching context between tools and tabs when you build all mobile projects on Bitrise

Who is this good for?

All teams developing native Android apps, and all teams with Flutter or React Native apps using Linux machines too.

How do I get this?

Start a new build.

These changes were applied automatically to all builds using any Linux machine type: Standard, Elite, and Elite XL.

How much extra does this cost?

There is no price increase in any of the plans. Teams and Velocity customers can use the same Linux machine types for the same credit multipliers.

Happy building! 🚀

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