In case you missed it: new features on Build Insights

Remove bottlenecks. Build great apps faster. With Insights’ build data, know what to prioritize, and shift your focus to what matters the most.

This month, we released three new features on Build Insights to help reduce the time spend waiting around for builds to complete. From improving the build troubleshooting experience, to zooming in on build performance charts to a per build step chart of individual builds; our teams have been hard at work to help you release apps with (increasingly more) confidence.

Build time step breakdown

Improving the build troubleshooting experience

Diagnosing build issues can be time consuming. That’s why we’ve created the per-step breakdown of builds to help you find the root causes to a negative trend, so much faster. Using the per-step breakdown, you can now easily identify which step (or steps) caused the total build time to fluctuate, compare the step’s logs across builds and custom filter a selection of build graph views. Log in and give it a go.

Read here for more information about shortening build times with a per-step breakdown of build times.

*Currently in beta on Build Insight pro plans.

build times, build speed, build date
Troubleshoot builds, pinpoint build issues and know exactly which step is causing a negative trend


Inspecting troublesome builds with zoom magnification

View suspect builds, or build areas of interest, with great magnification. How does it work? Simply drag over the area you want more build data on, view the zoomed in magnified dataset, and keep going until you’ve diagnosed the suspect build or bottleneck. Releasing this feature makes it easier to isolate and remove problems per workflow, helping to increase your team’s velocity. Build faster, today.  

Read here for more information about isolating build issues with click-to-zoom.

*Available on all Build Insights pro plans.

build times, build speed, build date
Click and drag over the build area of interest to view zoomed-in detail

Per build step chart

Finding the point of influx - removing those build blockers

With the per build step chart, you can now view the status and duration of individual builds, as well as their constituent step performance. Simply zoom into your workflow performance, see your most recent builds for the selected time frame, and identify the step that is delaying builds and blocking your engineers. What’s more, when you hover over an individual step in the chart, the step causing the bottleneck will be highlighted in other builds it is effecting as well. Want to further refine your data? You can, by using the newly added filters to create subsets for analysis. Know what to prioritize, give it a go today.

Read here for more information about shortening build times with the per build step chart.

*Available on Build Insight basic plans.

build times, build speed, build date
A custom filter for specific steps

As we continuously aim to help speed up your app development process and build great apps even faster, more great updates for Insights are on the way. In the meantime, if you have any feedback, please share it with us here.

Happy building!

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