Gifs make everything better ✨

Ever wanted to add gifs to your build notifications? Well, now you can, thanks to @Almouro!

Ever wanted to add gifs to your build notifications? Well, now you can, thanks to @Almouro! One laser shark sticker coming up.

The Gifs with Giphy step generates a URL for a random gif from Giphy and stores it in an environment variable which you can easily use in any upcoming step you might have in your workflow. Default keywords include such wow, awesome, shipit and my personal favorite, surprise motherfucker. You can however specify any keyword you can come up with. We've tried, and you can get the best, most relevant results with party hard. Thank us later.

We can't stress enough, how great it is to have such a great community. You are the unsung heroes, who create not the steps that we deserve, but the steps we need. Because deep down everyone needs gifs attached to their builds.

Can't wait to see what you all make of this! We will surely make a few million gif messages.

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