Feature Request Friday: April 12–26

Check out all the feature requests we've received in the past two weeks!

Developing new features for our platform is one of the key ways we can make sure we are giving you the best service possible — and we wouldn’t be able to do it without your help. Let’s take a look at all the feature requests that we have received in the past two weeks!

Expose workflows without write access to developers

Our first feature request comes from X_shi, who would like to see a function for read-only access when it comes to workflows. As X_shi put it, this functionality would come in handy when sharing the involved workflows and triggers with others, as it would make sure the already existing configuration is not accidentally changed in a way that disrupts the setup.

Specify branches to exclude from trigger map

Next up, we have a feature request from Rajiv Shah. Rajiv would like to see the option of being able to exclude branches through the trigger map. This would help users prevent a large number of builds occurring in cases where they don’t necessarily want to run certain tests on a specific branch, for example.

Update Carthage to 0.33.0

We also saw a request for updating Carthage from Satoshi Nagasaka. Satoshi needed Carthage's new version for the updates it contained for Xcode 10.2, and luckily, it was already on the way by that time.

Read step.yml from private repository (bitrise.io workflow editor)

Next, we have a feature request for being able to read the step.yml of a step that originates in a private repository, put forward by Avincel. Avincel would like to see such support for private steps in order to avoid public repository usage, as well as the usage of steps that have low or no value to users outside the originating company.

Add Accio as pre-installed dependency manager for iOS/macOS/tvOS projects

Last but not least, we have a feature request from Cihat Gündüz, who would like to see Accio being included as a pre-installed dependency manager for iOS/macOS/tvOS projects. Having Accio as a pre-installed and pre-configured step would save time for users who use it on a regular basis, and have to currently manually install it every time, added Cihat.

That’s it for now, folks! Make sure you go and vote on your favorite feature requests to help us see just what it is you'd really want to see on Bitrise. Have any ideas that you haven't seen mentioned? Post them on the feature request page — all you have to do is log into your account, click "New Topic" on the top right corner of the page, and you're good to go! See you in two weeks with a new Feature Request Friday!

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