Faster builds on SSD disks

Our new SSD disks will make your builds even faster. 🎉

Our new SSD disks will make your builds even faster. 🎉

Speed is all that matters (regarding builds, right?), so we're constantly working on making builds faster and faster. Good news is that we've migrated all Linux/Android stack from HDD to SSD disks.

The speed of builds depend on a lot of factors:

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • complexity of the app
  • network speed
  • disk/storage speed, etc.

Disk/storage is only one of these, but the performance improvement seems to be noticeable right away! In one of our sample builds, today's fastest build on HDD was 3 min 8 sec, but right after the switch to SSD it decreased to 2 min 23 seconds. When running hundreds of builds per week, even a minute each can have a significant impact. (This might be more helpful for I/O heavy builds and less for builds where disk read/write speed doesn't matter that much.)

Have you noticed any improvements?

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