Deploy with confidence: New integration with ConfigCat’s feature flag service

ConfigCat’s feature flag and configuration management service is now integrated with Bitrise, and their Verified Step can help you test in production, fix bugs easier, and deploy with more security.

Although the most sophisticated testing techniques are used in the world of apps, bugs are still hard to completely avoid. App store reviews can take a long time if we want to deploy a fix or revert the feature, so feature flags can be real life savers in these scenarios. Good news: ConfigCat’s feature flag and configuration management service is now integrated with Bitrise, and their Step can help you fix bugs easier, deploy with more security and keep your app’s code clean.

About the Step

ConfigCat is a cross-platform feature flag service that allows you to turn your features on and off using ConfigCat’s Dashboard, even after deploying your code. This can be done by anyone in your development team, like DevOps engineers, site reliability engineers, support or quality assurance professionals. The service is currently used in backend, frontend, and mobile applications as well.

A/B testing your feature releases has never been this easy: with ConfigCat’s hosted feature flag and configuration management system, you can separate your feature releases from your code deployments and target specific user segments based on location, email, subscription, or any other custom attribute.

The Dashboard of ConfigCat (Source:

How it works

The new ConfigCat Step scans your source code for feature flag usages, and uploads the references to the ConfigCat Dashboard to visualize where and how feature flags are used in your code. This helps you fight technical debt by finding possible unused feature flags and dead code. It is always a good idea to remove feature flags from the source code once the feature is rolled out and deployed fully to your customers.

Under the hood, the Step uses ConfigCat’s Command Line Interface (CLI) ( to find and upload feature flag references.

ConfigCat’s generous forever free plan includes all the paid features you can find in other plans, only the limits are different. Check out their pricing here before creating an account and setting it up on Bitrise.

Happy building! 🚀

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