Join us at the second virtual Bitrise User Group!

Join us at the second online Bitrise User Group, held on 14 May, 6 PM CET. Read on to find out what the presentations will be about this time, and what else we have planned!

Our next BUG will be held on 14 May, 6 PM CET — join us as either a speaker or an attendee, and have fun with the rest of the Bitrise community. Read on to find out what the presentations will be about this time, and what else we have planned.

What's a virtual BUG again?

Virtual BUGs are our new webinar series, sprung from the original, in-person BUGs that were held all around the world. For these, we’re the organizers: we’ll provide the platform, reach out to potential speakers, and put together an agenda with input from in-person BUG organisers around the world

The purpose? Talk to other folks who do the same things as you, exchange ideas, show them what you're working on, and get a second pair of eyes on that one little thing that keeps bugging you (pun intended).

What’s this BUG’s agenda going to be?

While the first BUG was a ton of fun, we felt that it might be worth switching up the structure a bit. This time, we’ll be having lightning talks (5-10 minutes), including ones from Javier Marsicano, Thomas Carpentier (Genymotion), and more. We’ll also have our first Open Roundtable Discussion with our very own Damien Murphy, focused on speeding up builds by fanning out tests on Bitrise, the topic of last week's Bitrise Deep Dive. Why is it called the Open Roundtable Discussion, you ask? Well, because we'll be counting on you to join the discussion! During this time, anyone will be able to enter the conversation, bring up any points, or ask any questions they might have — so don't forget to brush up on the topic beforehand!

I'd like to attend…

Awesome! All you have to do is use the virtual BUG signup page and free up some time on May 14th from 09:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET / 6 PM CET. Hope to see you there!

I have something to share with the community...

Even better! Apply to be a speaker at the BUG here, and we’ll get in touch with you right away — don’t forget, every speaker gets a little bit of something from our swags department to thank them for their contribution.

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