Better performance with UX and Build Details page improvements on Bitrise

You can expect improved user experience and performance reflected in numerous enhancements on Bitrise in the upcoming months, and this is the first round of our updates — including the revamped Build Details page. Find out what has changed!

The performance of our website and the overall User Experience of Bitrise is inarguably one of the most important aspects for all of our customers. With this in mind, our team is constantly looking for ways to speed up our website load and interactivity performance to make your experience on Bitrise as smooth as possible. Our team has made some impactful changes in response to the valuable feedback we got from you, as well as working on other improvements.

Some polishing in our code, starting with the Build Details Page

To reach higher efficiency and scalability, it was time for us to rewrite some of our pages in React, and say goodbye to AngularJS. As a result, Bitrise will load faster and we will be able to iterate much more quickly when we need to make certain changes.

We decided to start with our Build Details Page and addressed most of the user pain points and feedback we received on it:

  • Build logs now have a front and center location
  • Artifacts are now organized in alphabetical order
  • Artifact preview is now scrollable to reveal more details
  • The chat button stands clean and log controls are easy to find
  • Only important metadata and add-ons are shown; others are moved to the “Details and Add-on” tab
The revamped Build Details page

We’ve also fixed a bug occurring in the bitrise.yml so the information layout and display are now clear and aligned.

What’s next?

The changes we are making are just the first steps of our project: our user experience and performance will undergo a huge transformation in the upcoming months reflected in similar enhancements and we dedicate a lot of our resources to this initiative.

As a next step, our team is currently working on the App Details page, relying heavily on feedback from our customers. The project has lots of different stages related to various components of our product, and all the changes will be implemented gradually over the next few months. Make sure to keep an eye on our updates, and send us your feedback related to the improvements on Slack or Twitter — if you keep them coming, we can continue building the best Mobile DevOps platform out there!

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