Appaloosa’s integration just got a Verified Step badge!

Would you like to beta test and deploy your app to one, or thousands of users? Appaloosa helps you distribute your mobile apps privately, collect feedback, and analyze your deployment’s efficiency.

The Appaloosa Team has been a long standing Bitrise partner (our first collaboration is dated in 2015), and their Step was already available in our Step Library. But as a cherry on top, we turned their integration into a Verified Step! 🍒

About the Step

Appaloosa is a tool that allows enterprise mobile teams to deploy, configure, and manage iOS and Android apps easily. With this Step you can:

  • Create your own app store,
  • Deploy beta releases, new versions to your manual testers or employees,
  • Set automatic notifications for your users about a new version that they can start testing,
  • View and moderate user feedback from a single dashboard.

All in all, you can automate most of your app management tasks and get a comprehensive overview of your deployment performance.

Add the Step to your Workflow

How it works

You can check out Appaloosa’s how-to guide for the Step, or just read our DevCenter article for more information. 

“Thanks to Bitrise and Appaloosa, we are helping our client transition from a manual process to an industrial one.”

Guillaume Lagorce, iOS senior consultant at OCTO Technology

If you’d like to see how combining Appaloosa and Bitrise can change your organization’s life, you can find a case study with some insightful key metrics here.


Bitrise Verified Steps are official integrations developed and maintained by the service owner. If you'd like to know more about our Verified Step Program and create your Verified Step, read more about it here. Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or on our public Slack with your experiences about the Step, or to send us any great ideas that would help mobile devs in their daily tasks.

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