Announcing Perfecto’s New Bitrise Integration

Perfecto is thrilled to share the latest integration in its robust portfolio, Bitrise. Attend our webinar to learn about seamless, reliable E2E testing with Bitrise & Perfecto.

Perfecto is thrilled to share the latest integration in its robust portfolio, Bitrise. With Perfecto providing the stable testing cloud filled with devices and browsers, and Bitrise executing CI/CD, teams can run mobile app testing at scale and achieve immediate feedback.

The Perfecto integration with Bitrise will help teams to test mobile apps earlier in the cycle within CI for accelerated automation.

Learn all about how you can use Perfecto and Bitrise together:

Deep Dive: Seamless, Reliable E2E Testing with Bitrise & Perfecto

Watch our webinar on-demand on the Bitrise YouTube channel featuring Johnny Lam, Senior Solutions Architect from Perfecto, and Tamas Bazsonyi, Sales Engineer from Bitrise.

The Benefits of Using Bitrise

Bitrise is a CI/CD server focused on mobile-first features that help you build, test, and deploy faster and more efficiently. Bitrise is widely used due to its efficient and easy mobile-first approach. For developers, there are built-in steps that take the pain out of managing dependencies and environments.

Bitrise is built and optimized for mobile DevOps. It helps you develop mobile apps with a complete CI/CD platform. Automating your mobile development processes with Bitrise helps you improve quality, increase productivity, and deliver apps faster. Like Perfecto, Bitrise also connects to all the tools and services you use from one, easy-to-learn platform.

“There’s no continuous integration and delivery without continuous testing. Traditionally, testing has been extremely challenging for mobile developers, though. We’re incredibly happy to see partners like Perfecto address these issues for organizations that are serious about mobile. Their new verified Bitrise step will make it even easier for teams to spot bugs and errors early, before they reach end users. It will be exciting to see how both our communities use this new integration to create workflows that produce amazing mobile experiences,” says Daniel Balla, Bitrise CPO.

How Perfecto and Bitrise Work Together

With Perfecto providing the test cloud and Bitrise executing CI, teams are able to run their Espresso, XCUITest, Selenium, and Appium tests on Perfecto devices. This helps developers achieve immediate feedback, as test results provide insights into the health of their applications. With Bitrise and Perfecto, you can also execute tests in parallel across multiple platforms to reduce the risk of escape defects.

Integrating into the CI/CD pipeline allows teams to avoid lags in receiving test results feedback. Faster feedback and test reporting gives teams visibility into what went wrong, accelerating potential delays and helping defects get fixed quickly.

Perfecto allows you to access the devices needed to execute against in a testing cloud that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Perfecto provides the stable test environment, complete with real user conditions and advanced testing capabilities, which are then executed within CI with Bitrise.

Together, Bitrise provides the CI/CD support needed for mobile app testing, and Perfecto complements it with the robust test coverage, elasticity and scalability, and unshakeable stability needed for success in mobile test automation.

Learn more about the Bitrise integration, read the step-by-step guide here, or get started today with a free trial of Perfecto.

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