A virtual device lab at your fingertips: new LambdaTest integration on board

LambdaTest is our newest Verified Step on board which allows you to perform automated and live cross-browser testing online on 3000+ real browsers and real devices. See how you can benefit by using their services combined with Bitrise!

About the Step

Why would you maintain your own device farm when you can have endless devices, screen sizes, and everything else you need for mobile app testing in one place? Trusted by over 600,000 users, LambdaTest provides a well-equipped virtual device lab. There’s no need for manual maintenance anymore: you can completely eliminate the need for an internal device library and free up lots of your resources.

Those who consider switching to automated testing on their preferred CI/CD platform, the desired outcomes are pretty much the same for everyone:

  1. Automate the testing processes so you don’t have to do it manually
  2. Get faster feedback on code changes
  3. Accelerate the whole pipeline from development to release

Guess what? It’s easy to achieve all by using LambdaTest’s Step on Bitrise.

Test your native mobile applications using LambdaTest’s online real device cloud and virtual testing platform of emulators and simulators.

The urge to keep an eye on the subsets of your test cases affected by your code changes is a tradition that has stood the test of time, but it will always take longer to test and release, be more expensive using up valuable assets, and slow down your release cycles and productivity.

How it works

The Step by Lambdatest automatically uploads the .apk or .ipa files to LambdaTest’s cloud, so mobile teams can easily test all of their new builds. All you need to do is sign up to LambdaTest for free here, and add the “LambdaTest Upload” Step to your Bitrise Workflow. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

Happy building! 🚀

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