A better pricing for you

Changing the pricing is always a difficult step, but a step we wanted to make nevertheless, since we felt that there is not enough flexibility in our current one and we wanted to make the upgrade process a bit more joyful.

Growing fast together

The Bitrise community grows day by day and our feature set grows with it. We introduced Android support last Fall and not much later we released support for Xamarin apps, too. We became the only hosted CI service that has the ability to build Xamarin projects for iOS and Android out of the box, and we are excited to see how we can take this to the next level. This means a bigger infrastructure to maintain, so we felt this is a good point to align our prices a bit. Teams that make apps for both platforms (or cross-platform) can migrate their whole CI workflow to Bitrise and have a great overview of them. And that is a big deal.

Stack those containers high

Most subscription based services offer different plans with different limits which are often hard to understand or keep track of. We wanted to change the status quo a bit by merging all paying plan together and creating one Pro plan. You can purchase containers in this Pro plan. One container has unlimited team members, unlimited build count, 45 minutes/build and enables 1 concurrency. This means that the only thing that you have to focus on is concurrency, because that is what matters for you the most after all. Running out of build time or bumping into team member limit is so last year. These are all unnecessary distractions which will make you annoyed and sad, while we want to bring happiness and sunshine to your life.

One container costs $50/month. For details head to our brand new pricing page!

Many of you are already on this new pricing and using containers. We tested this new structure on teams that needed a custom plan for some reason and all of them were pretty happy to learn about this change. That's why we hope that you'll like this more friendly pricing as well. Let us know in the comments below or by sending us an email, we are thrilled to hear your feedback!

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