Report: 6 lessons from engineers for migrating your mobile CI from Jenkins to Bitrise

More and more mobile teams around the world are making the switch from self-hosted to cloud-CI to better equip themselves for the challenges of mobile development. Download our new paper to discover more about how to migrate from Jenkins to Bitrise.

Jenkins is the world’s most popular CI/CD software, but — for a number of reasons — sees teams increasingly switch to cloud CI. What happens to all those Jenkins experts when teams
migrate from Jenkins to Bitrise? Are they happier, or more productive? We spoke with engineers to find the answers.

Download our paper, Mobile CI after Jenkins: 6 lessons from engineers who made the switch and learn from their personal experience.

There’s life after Jenkins

Engineers who are responsible for maintaining Jenkins are critical to their team’s performance and spend years on building the necessary skill set. However, when it comes to mobile development, there’s a strong and definitive transition to cloud CI. Teams find more stability, less firefighting, and can finally get rid of stacks of Macs used for iOS builds. But where does that leave those Jenkins experts?

We decided to find out. We surveyed hundreds of (ex-) Jenkins engineers on their role after migrating to Bitrise or other cloud CI. Featuring insights based on data and personal conversations with mobile teams from EPAM, WeTransfer, Nextdoor, Pulselive, Delivery Hero, Signify, and many more — we spend specific attention on their happiness, the way they spend their time, and the value they find in their Jenkins experience when they migrate to a new CI platform.

Some of the key findings of our paper:

  • 73.9% of the surveyed enjoyed their work more after migrating away from Jenkins
  • A whopping 89.8% saw a performance increase after moving to a new CI tool
  • Almost 60% of practitioners felt that their experience with Jenkins had a positive impact on understanding cloud CI
  • One team experienced office blackouts whenever someone rebooted one of their old Jenkins boxes 😲

Download the full paper here for this — and more — personal experiences from people like you, that made the leap and that found life after Jenkins to be pretty sweet! 🚀


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